120 cm built-in and flush City hob 4 induction zones.‎ : 1PIDC120N


  • Touch Control
  • functions: power management, Chef Cook, Bridge, automatic pan recognition, Booster, selective pan detection, pause/ reminder function, cooking end timer 1-600’, minute minder, automatic preheating, keep warm
  • safety devices: electronic child safety lock, residual heat indicator, overflow alarm, safety switch-off
  • minimum pan diameter: ø 110 mm
  • adjustable power levels: 1.4 – 1.5 – 1.6 – … – 7.2 – 7.3 – 7.4 kW
  • maximum absorbed power: 7.4 kW
  • built-in: 107.5×38 cm
  • flush-top: see technical sheet
Induction zones power:
  • 4 Octa zones: 2.1-3 kW (with Booster function)
  • IVP : Flat glass edge built-in (hob)
  • FT : Flush-top (sink)
  • UNIT WIDTH 120The Barazza hobs come in different widths, designed to adapt to all the most common standard units of kitchen furniture.
  • SAFETY FUNCTION LOCKIt allows you to set, by means of a combination of keys, a command lock, avoiding accidental changes to the oven settings.
  • TOUCH CONTROL SCREENHigh definition Touch Control screen that allows a precise, simple and intuitive display of the various cooking parameters and oven settings.
  • COOKING END TIMERThis lets you set a precise time (from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 99-600 minutes depending on the model) for automatic switch-off of the selected cooking zone, ensuring prompt control of cooking and limiting any wasted energy
  • SAFETY SWITCH OFFOnce the time limit for switch-on at a given power has elapsed, the hob switches off automatically so as to limit the damage from a possible memory lapse on the part of the user.
  • INDUCTIONHeat is only generated on the bottom of the pan and is transmitted directly to the food being cooked. At 90% efficiency, cooking times are shorter. The surface remains cool for greater safety and to make cleaning easier.
  • ZONES IN LINEThe in-line distribution of the zones means that the depth of the hob can be contained, so it can more easily be integrated into steel worktops.
  • POWER MANAGEMENTThis function lets you define and set the maximum power that the hob can absorb; by doing this, you can avoid the risk of energy overload.
  • CHEF COOK FUNCTIONThree zones of the hob are automatically set at power levels 2, 6 and 9. In this way you can move from one level to another simply by moving the pan on the hob.
  • AUTOMATIC PAN DETECTIONThe hob can recognize on its own when a pan is placed upon it, starting up the interface and allowing swift adjustment of the cooking parameters.
  • SELECTIVE PAN DETECTIONThe induction plate operates only if the hob detects the presence on it of metal cooking pots of suitable sizes, thus avoiding the situation of other objects triggering ignition.
  • BRIDGE FUNCTIONThis lets you link two adjacent cooking zones on the hob, expanding the surface area. It is particularly useful when using large cooking pans.
  • BOOSTER FUNCTIONThis reduces the cooking time of a single zone, increasing the power of the hob to maximum. It is especially suitable for heating large amounts of liquids.
  • PAUSE/REMINDER FUNCTIONThis lets you pause cooking momentarily in the selected zone. The process can be resumed whenever you want simply by pressing the button again.
  • AUTOMATIC PRE-HEATING FUNCTIONThis allows you to reach temperature more quickly: after having selected a power level, the zone will heat up to maximum for a period of time and then settle on the level selected.
  • KEEP WARM FUNCTIONSet the power level at a value between 0 and 1, which lets you keep the dish warm without running the risk of burning it.
  • OVERFLOW ALARMWhen a liquid is spilled on the surface and ends up on the control zone, the hob beeps and switches off automatically until the liquid is wiped up
  • RESIDUAL HEAT INDICATORThe symbol H on the display shows that residual heat is present on the hob, generated by the heat reflected by the bottom of the cooking pan.
  • MINUTE MINDERThis is a timer in itself, working independently from the individual cooking zone, which allows you to keep track of the time that is passed without intervening on switching off the hob.


Product Type

Induction Hobs


Black Glass, Ceramic


Black Glass


120 cm

Installation Type



Touch Control