Elica INTERSTELLAR IX/F/65 Suspended hood cm. 65
– stainless steel + glass

The Elica Interstellar hood, with its distinct personality, is the suspended hood designed to become the protagonist of the environment. Born from the union of mirror polished steel and 1152 glasses that represent the soul of this product.



Suspended hood cm. 65 – stainless steel + glass – Elica – Interstellar
With its strong personality, Interstellar is the suspended hood designed to become the protagonist of the environment. Starting from the lines of the iconic Star product, Interstellar was born from the union of mirror polished steel and 1152 glasses that represent the soul of this product. A precious and unmistakable light, able to create a unique atmosphere.

Technical features
WIDTH 65 cm
MEASURES : 65 cm
FINISH Polished stainless steel + glass
VERSION Filtering
LIGHTING Led 9 W – 3500 K – 261 LUX
CONTROLS 3V + I electronic control panel
INTENSIVE FLOW 38 4 m2 / h
SOUND LEVEL MIN – MAX 36 – 54 db (A)
EXIT 150 mm

– Aluminum grease filter
– Revolution carbon filter
– Black remote control

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (available separately from the Accessories)
– Revolution carbon filter CFC0140053
– Regenerable carbon filter CFC0140090
– Cable extension kit (5m) KIT0112772
– White remote control KIT0121468
– Black remote control KIT0121469

The enveloping and comfortable light reflected by the glass comes largely from the adjustable intensity LED, while the illumination of the hob is guaranteed by an LED disc. The required level of suction is calibrated by a sensor which automatically detects the type of cooking and the quantity of vapors emitted. The aesthetic part is removable, divisible into three parts and dishwasher safe, while the removal of the filters is facilitated by the use of magnets. Interstellar is equipped with a remote control for convenient access to all functions.

Keeping your hood clean not only guarantees maximum hygiene in the kitchen, but also ensures a longer product life. The Elica models are designed with materials and finishes that make maintenance operations immediate. All components, such as the grease and odor filters, are easily accessible and removable, for quick washing or replacement.

Long Life Filter ++ is the innovative filter designed by Elica for maximum performance. This filter guarantees a filtering efficiency that exceeds 80%, compared to a market average that stops at 60%. This type of odor filter has the ability to regenerate itself and last up to a maximum of 3 years, thus avoiding frequent replacements and waste. To maintain these characteristics, the filter must be regenerated every 2 or 3 months, following a simple procedure to always have it as new. The perfect solution for those who engage in demanding and prolonged cooking.

With the widespread trend of designing the open kitchen on the living room, it becomes important to be able to count on hoods that have a great suction capacity and that are not noisy , so as not to be invasive in the surrounding environment. Thanks to Comfort Silence technology, the acoustic level of Elica hoods at maximum suction speed does not disturb or interfere with the conversation among those present.

The light in the kitchen, as well as in any domestic environment, represents an important design lever to better enjoy your spaces. Modulating the right intensity becomes essential to recreate the desired atmosphere. This is why Elica has designed the Dim Light function, which allows you to adjust the light output of your hood with a simple command. Maximum light to have the best visibility on the work surface, or dimmed to enjoy moments of relaxation.

In the search for beautiful products to show off but functional in everyday use, materials play a key role. They can make the difference both in terms of aesthetics, becoming protagonists or disappearing among the furniture, and ease of maintenance over time. Fundamental in the innovation process, they are the basis of an attractive look and a satisfying user experience. Elica selects materials in which durability, ease of cleaning and aesthetic impact are combined in perfect balance. The wide selection of finishes available offers maximum freedom of choice for any type of environment.



Product Type



Crystal / Stainless steel


Crystal / Stainless steel


58,130cm x 65cm x Depth(none)

Installation Type



3S+B Electronic push button