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The sink or sink is another indispensable kitchen accessory in the modern home. Because it is something that makes it easier to clean used dishes and bowls without having to sit on the floor washing dishes and having to have a lot of equipment to wash dishes at a time, including a hose. Several basins for washing dishes and rinsing with plain water.

General characteristics of the sink It is a sink that is made of plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. Usually, the sink is attached to the counter in the kitchen. There are many styles in the market, such as a sink with the same hole as a dish or a two-hole sink, may or may not have a dish holder. Under the dishwasher, there will be a water pipe left and there will be a sieve for filtering food scraps from flowing into the sewer pipe.

Introducing ELLECI LAV.EGO 480 1 VG FULL BLACK 40 (ELLECI Granite) Good quality sink, the top material is made of black tempered glass. Embedded type of furniture, easy to use and comfortable. Ready to use immediately after installation

– Sink with embedded furniture
– Granite material: 80% granite, 20% acrylic
– The material contains anti-bacterial substances.
– 1 hole, 1 accommodation
– Able to switch left and right accommodation
– There is a pop-up with a set of sewer pipes.
– Support CE and ISO 9001:2000 standards
– Designed and made in Italy
– Made in Ltaly Certification

Product size
– Stainless steel, thickness 1.2 mm.
– The depth of the basin is 23 cm.
– Product size: 1000 x 520 x 188 mm.
– Drill size : 605 x 480 mm. (4- R15)

Product weight
13 kg

The products in the set include
ELLECI LAV.EGO 480 1 VG FULL BLACK 40 (ELLECI Granite) 1 tub

How to use
– is a container for cleaning
– a place to wash fruits and vegetables and prepare food

– Wipe clean with a dry cloth after each use. To prevent water stains, dirt stains, various rust stains
– Should scrub the sink 1-2 times a week to remove stubborn stains, rust stains

– Please study the manual to understand before use.
– should measure the size of the product and the actual area before installation
– Do not dispose of acidic or alkaline chemicals such as lime, thinner, turpentine.
– Do not modify the product in any case.
– Do not use steel wool or all kinds of sharp objects to scrub and clean because causing scratches and damaged products
– Do not use any kind of solid to break. or knocked because causing dents or damage
– Do not sit, stand, hang on the product
– Do not use to place all types of electrical appliances
– The edge of the sink is sharp. Be careful when handling and installing.
– Images and colors shown on the website may differ from the actual product. due to the display settings of each screen



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Black Glass




Installation Type



3S + 2B Touch Control