Elica 1110052 GB

Sink Elica 1110052 GB




If you are one of those people who are tired of washing dishes in the sink that has accumulated stains. No matter how many times you wash dishes, cups, cutlery, or glasses, it is not clean. Consider buying a dishwasher. To cut the problem, the hassle is too expensive. They are also unsure of their cleanliness. So you need a sink that meets this requirement.

Introducing ELICA Sink, model 1110052 GB(DS EC), a good quality sink that comes in a suitable size that can be placed in the house without taking up space. easy to use More convenient than ever Reduce the problem of stains Made of tempered glass and stainless steel for easy cleaning.

– ELICA Sink Model 1110052 GB
– Top material, black tempered glass, stainless steel
– Thickness 1.2 mm.
– Strong and durable, can be used for a long time
– Sink type with embedded furniture
– 1 hole, 1 accommodation
– is a container for cleaning
– a place to wash fruits and vegetables and prepare food

Product size
100 x 52 x 18.8 centimeters
Drill size 54 x 48 cm (4-R15)

Instructions for use
– Clean at least once a week
– When the dirt can be wiped clean

– It should not be used outside of the purpose of the device.
– Use a cleanser/polish with a non-rough cloth or sponge with caution.
– Do not use steel wool Wire brush or coarse scouring pad Use only non-scratch cleaning pads.



Product Type



Stainless Steel, Tempered Glass




W100 x D18.8 x H52

Installation Type